Safety NJ has an overstock of Ambu® CPR Mask With O2 Inlet, Headstrap, Gloves, And Wipes, Blank No Logo.  These masks are made by AMBU.  Safety NJ purchased them with our the AMBY print on the case.  Our original intent was to print Safety NJ on the case.  We decided to sell them with out print and keep the price down.  We are currently selling the Ambu® CPR Mask With O2 Inlet, Headstrap, Gloves, And Wipes, Blank No Logo for $5.50 each ou our website  When you go to our site go to search and type in 10-501 .  The CPR mask comes with the AMBU Instruction booklet.

The Ambu® CPR Mask is packaged in a compact, hard shell, pocket-sized carrying case and features a one-way valve with filter. It has a contoured soft vinyl cuff that shapes easily to adult, child, and infant facial contours, preventing mouth-to-mouth contact with the victim. Its transparent dome allows the rescuer to check the victim’s mouth for lip color and secretions. The mask is ready to use with no need to assemble the valve and filter. We can private label them with the customer’s logo for an extra fee.

The Ambu® CPR Mask construction is superior to the other brands on the market. Not only does the Ambu® CPR kit come complete with gloves and alcohol wipes, but the performance of the mask is much better during critical life-saving moments. For example, the O2 port valve cover will not blow off during rescue (a common problem with other CPR masks).  This mask is ideal for Lifeguards, Swimming pool areas, industrial first aid kits, EMS, Fire departments and anyone who may need to perform CPR.  Safety NJ has two websites.  One for CPR training and one for supplies.  Please browse out sites.  Safety NJ LLC also has a monthly giveaway.  Each month there is a new item we are giving to one lucky winner.

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