With summer here and hot days ahead it is important to stay hydrated.  While at work or play at times the heat creeps up on us and we suffer from heat stress.  This can be while on the job or while golfing, boating etc.   Having a Heat Stress Kit made by Certified Safety Manufacturing and sold by Safety NJ LLC can make a difference.  The kit comes in a Poly White box and contains:


4 – Cold Packs

1 – Forehead Thermometer

2 – Certi-Tape 1″ x 2 1/2 yards

1 Rescue Blanket – Silver in a plastic bag

4 IXL Stick or equivalent – Electrolyte replacement

1 First Aid Facts Guide.

When the body loses fluid from sweating, or being sick it can cause serious health issues such as cardiac issues.  replacing fluids asap is critical.  Placing these kits in warehouses,  factories, gold courses, recreation facilities, construction sites etc can save a life.

For additional information go to the Safety NJ LLC website at www.safetynjsupplies.com

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