Employment Horizons Staff Learn First Aid and CPR

Employment Horizons, formerly known as the Occupational Training Center of Morris County, was founded in Morristown in 1957 by a group of forward-thinking parents who wanted to expand work and personal growth opportunities for their children with disabilities.

Over the years, Employment Horizons has implemented innovative programs to meet the needs and choices of those we serve, both on-site as well as in the community.  We provide job training and placement services to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment in the greater Morris County, NJ.

Staff took the American Heart. Association HeartSaver First Aid CPR AED course to become prepared for emergencies at their workplace or at home.  Safety NJ LLC located in Bloomfield, NJ provided the training.  For information on American Heart Association or ASK+HI training programs go to www.safetynj.com