Hopefully, your school bus is ready to go this school year.  We check our school buses for mechanical issues but is your bus equipped with a first aid kit that includes a CPR mask?  Is your bus driver trained in first aid and CPR.  What if one of the children has a seizure, the bus is in an accident, a child has an allergic reaction or a child or aid goes into cardiac arrest.  Some states require a first aid kit.  Who should be sure the bus and driver as ready for an emergency?  The government or school system can set mandates.  The bus companies can set mandates.  It should be all of us that make sure are children are safe.  Those who maintain the buses should make sure the kit is on the bus and filled.  Parents, take a look and see if there is a first aid kit in the bus.  Check with the school district to see that the bus is equipted and the driver is trained for emergencies.  As an EMT I have seen school bus injuries and the owner of Safety NJ LLC I see and have heard stories of injuries and deaths from School bus accidents.  Safety NJ LLC is a business located in the suburbs of Newark NJ which provides CPR and First Aid training and sells the National School Bus kit.  We believe in what we do and want to make a safe environment for everyone.  For information on CPR go to www.safetynj.com and for first aid and safety supplies www.safetynjfirstaidkits.com.


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