With Halloween coming quickly make sure your children are safe and are seen by cars.  As importing making your child visible helps you keep track of them.  Have them wear reflective clothing, a bright colored hat, a hat with an LED light or a clip on light as shown. It gets dark quickly, leaves are coming down making roads slippery and hard for cards to stop.  Safety NJ https://www.safetynjfirstaidkits.com sells reflective clothing, hats (beanies) led lights that clip on your clothes or are part of the hat. For clip on lights fog the this link:  https://safetynjfirstaidkits.com/store/USB-Rechargeable-Light-Clip-Black-HV12-p371529699  

Remember, no-one wants to see a child injured.

  • Drive safely
  • Wear reflective clothes
  • Wear a bright colored hat or one with a light
  • Wear a clip on LED light
  • Have light on the front and the back of your bike
  • Check your first aid kit to be sure it is complete and nothing has expired.