No-one like to get Poison Ivy, Poison Oak or Poison Sumac.  Safety NJ LLC has several products that can help.  If you are in an area there is likely to be poisonous please you can use a poison Ivy repellent Calle IvyX Pre contact solution.    If you have been exposed you can use IvyX Post contact cleaner to clean the oils off your skin.  If you already broke out from contact to the plant use Medi-First Ivy-Rid.  Safety NJ LLC has multiple products to help.  In addition summer time is tick season.  Safety NJ LLC has a tick remover and a tick remover kit available.  In addition to these items Safety NJ LLC sells a wide variety of first aid kits and supplies, safety supplies such as safety vests, rain gear, knee pads, eye protection and more. Visit our website at