With gun sales at an all time high, gang violence high, and now businesses and schools reopening I would expect that gun violence will also increase.   In addition to gun violence as we go back to work we will see an increase of work place injuries.  Is your workplace or school prepared for such possible injuries.  Of course we need a first aid kit but it may also be helpful to have a bleeding control kit that has a tourniquet and other items to help with severe bleeding.  Picture a mass shooting, injury with a saw, a laceration with a box-cutter or other injuries that cause severe bleeding.   Your actions can help save a limb or even a life.  Your facility should have people trained in First Aid, CPR and AVERT.  AVERT is a class that teaches severe bleeding control and how to handle an active shooter.  Safety NJ LLC sells the TAC-PAC kit that would help in an emergency. TAC-PAC and other kits contain tourniquets and other bleeding control items and  can be purchased at www.safetynjfirstaidkits.com.

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