In accordance with Local Law 12, taverns and restaurants that sell food for on-premise consumption are required to have resuscitation equipment on the premises.  In order to help those who go into cardiac arrest and to offer a barrier between the rescuer and the person needing CPR New York requires resuscitation equipment “CPR Kit” in taverns and restaurants.  These kits have a barrier device and gloves in them and a sign explaining what the kit is for.  We applaud New York for having this law.  It not only helps both the person suffering from cardiac arrest and the  person giving the CPR but it bring awareness to the public of the importance of CPR training.  With every minute a person is cardiac arrest the survival rate decreases up to 10% per minute until CPR is started.  Imagine how long it will be for help to arrive either at work, at home or while you are out on the town.  CPR is critical.  Safety NJ not only provides CPR Training in NJ, they sell the CPR KITS to New York restaurants.  For information on CPR Training visit our website  For information on New York restaurant CPR Kits and other first and and safety supplies go to (Search CPR Kit in the search box)