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EverGuard Emesis Bags Clear
Live Action Safety

Vomit Bags - EverGuard Emesis Bags Clear (for vomit or urine containment)

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Ideal for anyone that vomits either from illness or motion sickness.  Also good for collecting urine.  Use in the car, carry in your purse or suitcase.  Great for camping, travel. morning sickness and to keep around for when your kids are sick.  The convenience bag features a round shaped collar that created a facial seal to prevent missing the vomit and to contain odor.  


Sold individually.




  • Color - Clear
  • Easy to use - even kids can press the ends together to open
  • Tie bag off at the ring to reduce contamination and smell
  • Wide opening - 6" wide rigid collar allows for unhanded use
  • Won't leak - even if dropped, valve keeps fluid in
  • Single use
  • Latex Free

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