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First Aid Training Pack

First Aid Training Pack - (1200FAK)

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Key Features and Benefits
First Aid Training Pack features:

Gauze and sponges to practice bleeding and wound care
Emergency blanket to practice handling shock situations
EpiPen® trainer with a pressure-sensitive tip and a realistic design, including a cap and clicking mechanism to mimic the use of an actual EpiPen
First Aid Training Pack benefits:

EpiPen trainer safely and realistically allows students to practice EpiPen administration
Convenient and affordable kit brings together essential supplies for Heartsaver first aid training
Comes with:

2 rolls of 4" stretch gauze
25 4" x 4" sponges
Emergency blanket
EpiPen trainer
Dimensions and Specifications
Measures 7.5" w x 6.5" h

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can this kit be used to administer first aid in a real emergency situation?
A: No, the kit components are not sterilized and are intended for training purposes only.

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