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Laerdal Little Junior™ CPR Training Manikin (Dark Skin)  (18002550)
Laerdal Medical

Laerdal Little Junior™ CPR Training Manikin (Dark Skin) (18002550)

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Perfect for widespread training of child CPR!
Little Junior™ CPR Training Manikin (Dark Skin)
This lightweight, affordable child CPR trainer from Laerdal is designed to provide effective, hands-on training without compromising realism or quality. Little Junior continues in the same tradition as the popular Little Anne® and Baby Anne® manikins. Lightweight design facilitates transportation. Includes manikin, soft pack/training mat, 2 manikin faces, 2 airways, 6 Manikin Wipes, and directions for use.

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Key Features and Benefits
Little Junior™ features:

Durable construction
Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch
Natural obstruction of the airway
Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust
Chest rise is seen with correct ventilations
Anatomically correct landmarks and sternal notch
Realistic chest compression resistance
Audible compression clicker
Economical disposable airways
Removable and reusable faces
Little Junior™ benefits:

Educationally effective -- offers all of the essential features necessary for learning quality child CPR
Durable construction allows increased hands-on practice and helps ensure long-term use, adding to the manikin's affordability
Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch, which prepares rescuers for mouth-to-nose and mouth-to-mouth ventilation
Natural obstruction of the airway, head tilt/chin lift, and jaw thrust reinforce the necessary steps of CPR
Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust allow students to correctly practice all maneuvers necessary when resuscitating a real victim
Anatomically correct landmarks and sternal notch allow the student to practice identification of all anatomical landmarks relevant to child CPR
Chest rise, realistic chest compression resistance, and audible feedback from the "clicker" mechanism help students learn to administer the correct amount of pressure at the correct depth when giving compressions in real-life situations
Economical disposable airways allow for quick and easy cleanup
Convenient removable and reusable faces help keep maintenance affordable
Easy to transport
Manikin comes with:

Soft pack carrying case/training mat
2 manikin faces
2 airways
6 manikin wipes
Directions for use
1-year manufacturer's warranty
Dimensions and Specifications

Weight: 7 lb
Measures: 22" x 8" x 10"

Manikin type: Torso
Airway: Non-breathing, disposable
Also available with light skin (item no. EC18002050)
Accessories and Replacement Supplies
Little Junior™ Faces (Dark Skin) package of 6 (item no. EC183015)
Little Junior™ Airways package of 25 (item no. EC183210)
Little Junior™ Airways package of 100 (item no. EC183211)

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What kind of cleaning/sanitation is required?
A: Routine disinfection of the entire manikin is not required, but periodic cleaning of the head, torso, chest skin, and training mat is recommended. These should be washed with a lukewarm soapy solution, and then rinsed with a clean damp cloth. Always follow manufacturer's cleaning recommendations.

Q: How many airways do I need per class?
A: Each Little Junior being used in a class requires one airway. Airways should be discarded after each class and new ones used for additional classes.

Q: How many faces do I need per class?
A: Each student participating in the class should have his or her own face. After class, faces should be cleaned and sanitized following the directions in the user manual. After cleaning and sanitizing, the faces can be used by students in the next class.

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