Safety NJ LLC specializes in stocking specialty first aid kits.  Safety NJ is a distributor for EMI, Certified Safety Manufacturing, WNL, Aero Healthcare, North American Rescue, dynarex, and more.  Specially kits include:

  • Weather Alert Survival Kit – Shown in picture
  • School Bus Kit
  • Logging Kit
  • Mining Kit
  • Active Shooter Kit
  • Gun Range Kit
  • FAA Kit
  • Boating Marine Kit
  • Cement Burn Kits
  • Child Response Kit
  • School Officer Resource Kit
  • Cal-Osha Kit
  • New York Restaurant CPR Kit
  • Burn Kits
  • Gun Shot Kit
  • Eye Wash Stations
  • Class A and Class B
  • Heat Stress KitsSpill Clean Up Kit
  • NJ Swimming Pool First aid Kits
  • OB Kits
  • Pet First Aid Kits
  • U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers First Kid Kit.

  • Safety NJ os proud to sell a variety of kits and first aid supplies for a wide variety of industries including EMS, hospital, schools and commercial locations.  To see our selection of kits and supplies go to

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