Safety NJ provided training to severals businesses and schools this week.

Celebrate the Children (CTC) is a non-profit, state-approved private school, which serves a diverse range of students ages 3-21 with autism and other challenges in relating and communicating. As the latest research identifies specific neurological and motor challenges that underlie the developmental weaknesses of individuals with ASD and related disorders, more and more families and school districts are recognizing CTC’s developmental approach as ideal for supporting the specific needs of these individuals. CTC has been operating in New Jersey for over 15 years and today proudly serves over 140 students from over 70 different school districts.  Staff at Celebrate the Children took the AHA Basic Life Support course and First Aid course.  A total of 13 staff members participated.

Zimmer Biomet was provided with First Aid – CPR and Bloodborne Pathogen training.  Safety NJ LLC provided training for 2 groups of employees in the Parsippany location.  Zimmer Biomet is a company that designs, and manufactures medical supplies.  To name just a few of the items are hips, knees, shoulder and elbows.  Zimmer Biomet is a global company.

Employees from Bo0Tel TN Company, LLC came to Safety NJ LLC’s location in Bloomfield NJ and participated in a First Aid, CPR.AED and Bloodborne Pathogen training programs. Boe-Tel TN Company is a leading-edge Information Technology company specializing in Voice, Data, and Video network infrastructure services and solutions. We have been partnering with the Information Technology industry?s leading manufacturers since 1984.? Our clients define us as experts in applying new technologies, while delivering top quality services at competitive prices. By establishing life-long partnerships with our clients and manufacturing partners,? we have been able to enjoy an extensive client base which continues to grow each year. This year Boe-Tel has expanded its offering with the addition of Eye in the Sky – Security, and Audio Visual Solutions.  Safety NJ LLC would like to congratulate these employees for completing their training.

Cedar Grove Ambulance & Rescue Squad continually trains their members.  Safety NJ LLC provides CPR and First aid training for the squad on an ongoing basis.  The squad started in 1938 and is always looking for new members. Visit their website .

It is often said, “One moment can change your life.”  Yet, it was one moment that changed a town.  In 1938, a resident from Cedar Grove was in need of immediate medical help and, at the time, the only rescue squad available was in Verona.  It was in that moment that a group of enterprising Cedar Grove firemen changed the face of their little town.

So in May of 1938, the Cedar Grove Rescue Squad was formed with the express purpose of providing emergency medical care and rescue services to those in need.  The Rescue Squad was based in Center Fire Company #1 and for thirteen years was the sole provider of emergency medical care for the residents of Cedar Grove.  However, that was all to change.

In 1951, a dramatic increase in emergency calls caused eight Auxiliary Policemen and eight residents to found the Cedar Grove Ambulance Unit.  The Ambulance Unit was based in the Municipal Building.

As the town grew over the years, so did the emergency calls.  The need for more vehicles, more volunteers, and more space was patent.  Thus in 1962, the Ambulance Unit moved to its headquarters at the intersection of Cedar Street and Ridge Road and in 1965, the Rescue Squad moved to its headquarters at Pompton Avenue and Myrtle Avenue.  The two organizations worked together to provide emergency care to the residents of Cedar Grove, with the Rescue Squad handling the on-scene work and the Ambulance Unit providing transportation to the hospital.

The early eighties would once force a change among the emergency medical workers in Cedar Grove.  New state regulations and an even more dramatic increase in emergency calls would cause the Rescue Squad and Ambulance Unit to begin merger negotiations.  And in 1982, the Cedar Grove Ambulance and Rescue Squad was born.

Today, the Cedar Grove Ambulance and Rescue Squad has over sixty members that handle 1,600 calls a year.  We have three ambulances and one heavy-duty rescue truck which is equipped with the latest in rescue and medical equipment, which we use to provide the best possible care to all those in need.

Clean Earth Matters, a company from Trenton comes to Safety NJ regularly for First aid and CPR Training.

Skytel, is a company that provides cell tower maintenance.  Skytel was new to us this year.

Little Falls Recreation, asked Safety NJ LLC to provide two courses in Little Falls that were open to the public.  Both these course filled quickly.  It is great to see a local government support their community and offer this lifesaving training

Mama Mancini’s is a company that we have visited several times.  Safety NJ provides CPR/AED  and First aid training to them  Mama Mancini’s also has AED’s onsite.  Mama Mancini’s produces Italian foods that are sold in local stores.  Here is a little history of they company:

Home style, old world Italian food created from recipes my Grandmother brought with her to America. Never written down, existing only in her heart. At the age of 15 my Grandmother Anna Mancini, taught me all of them. Now stored in my heart. I am so proud to bring Anna’s amazing recipes to your table. My dream come true. From Anna’s heart to my heart to your table.

“Every Sunday I would wake to the amazing aroma of my Grandmother’s frying meatballs. I call this a ‘Scented Memory.’”

I chose my Grandmothers Meatballs and Slow Cooked Italian Sauce as the first recipe we would bring to your table. We prepare this dish the exact way she did so many years ago. The meatballs are made from 100% beef, whole fresh eggs, Romano cheese, onion, parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper and the exact amount of bread crumbs. They are formed by hand just like Anna did and lightly browned. We place them in the Slow Cooked Italian Sauce which is pure Italian plum tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, some salt and pepper and a bay leaf and slowly cook them for three hours. This is the only way to prepare authentic old world meatballs and sauce. Gently stirring every 20 minutes guarantees perfect meatballs every time. There are no shortcuts.

I am very proud to be able to make this amazing family dinner available to everyone. They are sold fully cooked with sauce and all you need to do is heat them up. What was a 4 hour process, takes you just 20 min! MamaMancini’s Meatballs and Slow Cooked Italian Sauce are available in Markets across the country as well as many gourmet catalogs.

Fully cooked with Slow Cooked Italian Sauce, just heat and serve. Add your favorite pasta for the perfect “Family Dinner” in minutes.

Orange Board of Education has been using Safety NJ for several years.  Their security staff, nursing and other take the American Heart Association course with Safety NJ every 2 years.

Corradino and Papa, LLC is a new customer to us this year.  They recently purchased an AED for the office in Clifton. Unlike Other Law Firms Corradino & Papa Specializes in Only Personal Injury Law.  

Safety NJ LLC provides CPR and First aid training and also sells First Aid and Safety Supplies.  Please visit our website or give us a call

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