Safety NJ LLC launches a new website to make navigating easier.  In addition our new site address will be   Safety NJ felt that the original address  was too long and no longer first the variety of items sold on the site.  Safety is a distributor for several companies including:

  • Certified Safety Manufacturing
  • Dynarex
  • Portwest
  • EMI
  • Aero Healthcare/Brayden
  • Sabre
  • WNL
  • Evacusafe
  • Primacare
    • Safety NJ originally just sold first aid kits and first aid supplies,  Now the new website included:
      • AHA Manuals
      • CPR and First Aid Training Supplies
      • First aid Kits
      • First Aid Supplies
      • EMS Supplies
      • Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms
      • Evacuation equipment
      • Safety Supplies – Hard Hats, Safety Vests, Gloves
      • Masks, Nitrile and Vinyl Gloves, Disinfectants and more
      • Rescue Tools
    • Safety NJ sells to
      • Commerical customers
      • Schools
      • EMS – Fire – Police
      • Government
      • Individual
    • Safety NJ Stocks Kits for specialty industries such as:
      • Mining
      • Loggers
      • OSHA
      • Army Corps of Engineers
      • School Buses
      • Restaurants
      • Cement Burns
      • FAA
  • Remember Safety NJ also provides CPR and First Aid Training in Northern NJ.

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