With cold weather here you should make sure you stay safe while walking, running, biking or working.  Most heat escapes form your head.  Safety NJ offers Beanie hats with LED lights to keep your head warm and lets you see and be seen.  There are to styles.  One of them has a white LED light in the front and a red in the back.  These LED lights are rechargeable using a USB connection.  Lights have three settings, Bright, Dim and flashing.  Not only are these warm but keeps you safe.  People/cars see you when you are out and about and you can see where you are going.  The second hat only has an LED light in the front.  These are great for EMS, electricians, plumbers, construction workers and others that work in low light levels.   They are also great for your children so you can keep track of them.  Hats (beanie) are made by PORTWEST.  Please visit our website www.safetynjfirstaidkits.com to see these hats and other first aid and safety supplies.

Portwest Innovation – B029 LED Beanie


Safety NJ also sells Safety Vests, Pepper Spray, Person alarms, First aid supplies, EMS Supplies, Swimming Pool equipment and more.