The answer is YES.  You can make a difference between LIFE and DEATH!  There are several ways to learn CPR.  For those who are not required to learn CPR you can learn at home in one of two ways.  You can go to and learn hands only CPR.  This is a great way to learn how to help and only takes a couple of minutes.  The second way is to purchase the CPR Anytime Kit.  There are two kits, Adult/Child and Infant.  They come with a DVD and a inflatable manikin.  They are ideal for learning CPR at home.  They can be purchased at

If you have a requirement to learn CPR such as those in healthcare you can do one of two things.  Take the course you need online then schedule an appointment tent to be tested at at a training site or to take a traditional classroom CPR or First Aid class.  Safety NJ located in Bloomfield NJ offers both.  Testing for the online courses are provided by appointment and are 1 on 1.  Traditional class have a limited number of people in class so students are at least 6 feet apart.  Masks are worn during class and temperatures are taken.  Students must complete a Covid-19 questionnaire when coming to class.  Instructors have been vaccinated for Covid-19.  For information on CPR classes go to