24M Police Department Metal First aid Kit Certified Safety

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Kit is made of durable metal with a durable hinge. Rubber gasket keeps water and mousture out. Kit contains individually boxes first aid items Certified Safery Part # K605-204. Measures 9"x9"x2.5" Contents: 1 24M Emry Metal Box 1 Certi-Strips Plastic 1"x3" 16/unit 1 Certi-Strips Plastic 2"x3" 6/unit 1 Certi Gauze Bandage Compress 3" 2/unit 1 Certi Gauze Roll 4"x6yrds 1/unit 1 Certi-Gauze Pads 3"x3" 4/unit 1 Certi Gauze Compress 36"x36" 1/unit 1 Antibiotic Ointment 1 g 10/unit 1 Dynarex BZK Towelettes 5"x7" 10/unit 1 Hand Sanitizer 0.9G 10/unit 1 PVP Iodine Swabs swab 10/unit 1 Tape1"x2.5 yrds 2/unit 1 Tourniquet 1"x10" 1/unit 1 Survival Wrap 52" x 84" 1 F/A Cream 0.9g 6/unit 1 Biohazard Bags-w/tie 24"x24"x7-10 G 2/unit 1 Dynarex BZK Towelettes 5"x7" 10/unit 1 Dynarex Triangular Bandage w/pins 40"x40"x56" 1 Trauma Pad Compress 5"x9" 1/pkg 1 CPR Shield 1 Gloves Nitrile Large - 6/zlb 1 First aid guide facts card 1 Flag Seal

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