3 Wheel Light Duty Transport Chair from Evacusafe

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3 Wheel Transport Chair

Transit Chairs (also known as Patient Transport Chairs) are used around the world on a daily basis by hospitals, care homes and ambulance services. Primarily used to transport patients across a level surface, they can also be used to carry patients up or down stairs, with the help of additional colleagues for safety reasons due to the physical effort required to do this. We do advise that a full risk assessment is carried out prior to stairway usage.

Evacusafe’s Transit Chairs comply with current legislation and are able to carry persons up to 200lbs in weight.

The most recent development from Evacusafe is their 3 Wheel Transit Chair, which was initially designed for use at home to assist elderly, immobile or disabled relatives who require help getting around the home, or who may not be able to get themselves out of a house or building in an emergency.

Although this product was developed with home use in mid, it is also ideal for occasional use at family parties and social gatherings, business conferences and commercial events.

3 Wheel Transit Chair key features and benefits:

2 person operation

Sturdy, lightweight construction

Can be used on level surfaces


Carrying/lifting points

Comfortable seat and back support

Arm rests

3 wheeled ascent/descent mechanism

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