CPR Adult/Child And Infant Resuscitator CPR Masks In Hard Red Case

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These resuscitator masks offer superior protection to both rescuer and victim! Features include a one-way valve that prevents the passage of liquids and secretions; a soft, pliable bladder that facilitates a proper seal; and a clear plastic design that allows visibility for proper positioning on the victim. The adult mask includes an oxygen inlet in the event supplemental oxygen is needed, a head strap that ensures a secure fit, and a one-way valve that is also used with the infant mask. Plastic clamshell-style case protects the masks and features a belt clip for carrying convenience. These handy masks may also be used during training, as they allow for the sanitary sharing of manikins and prepare students for the use of a mask during an actual resuscitation. Comes with an adult/child resuscitator mask, an infant mask, a pair of vinyl gloves, an antiseptic wipe, and a hard plastic case.
Work 'n Leisure Products Item: FAK5000GI-RED
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