CPR KIT DELUXE with Sign - New York State Restaurants

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REQUIRED FOR NEW YORK RESTAURANTS DELUXE CPR KIT WITH SIGN. Sign is approx. 13" x 16" 7 Poly White Box is 8” x 5” x 3” THIS KIT CONTAINS 2 CPR Adult/Child and Infant Resuscitator Masks in Soft Red Case AND 2 ADDITIONAL PAIR OF LARGE NITRILE GLOVES. These resuscitator masks offer superior protection to both rescuer and victim! Features include a one-way valve that fits both masks and prevents the passage of liquids and secretions; a soft, pliable bladder that facilitates a proper seal; a clear plastic design that allows visibility for proper positioning on the victim; and a head strap that ensures a secure fit (adult/child mask only). Also includes an oxygen inlet in the event supplemental oxygen is needed (adult/child mask only). Comes with an adult/child resuscitator mask, an infant mask, a pair of vinyl gloves, an antiseptic wipe, and a soft red carrying case. OUR REGULAR NEW YORK STATE KIT CONTAINS CPRotectors used as a barrier device for mouth to mouth. These devices are all one size. These are designed to fit both adults and children whereas our regular kit uses Resuscitator Masks that are made to fit each age group.

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