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Evacusafe EvacMAT
Every minute matters when it comes to saving lives. page1image9889184That's why companies are turning to quick-to-deploy, life-saving equipment like the EvacMAT.
EvacMat is a compact, lightweight, and flexible sliding stretcher with an integrated foot pocket and an adjustable cross strap to hold the patient securely in place. It also comes with 3 color-coded securing straps to keep the person safely on-board and high-visibility, ergonomic pulling straps to help you move them across the floor quickly and efficiently. Able to carry the weight of most people and made with flame-retardant, wipe-clean material, it is durable and easy to maintain. When not in use, the EvacMat rolls up into it’s own foot pocket for compact storage in a convenient location.
EvacMAT Specifications
Length (packed/deployed) Width (packed/deployed) Depth (packed/deployed) Weight Load Capacity Compact Emergency Sliding System Quick & Simple to Use High-Visibility, Ergonomic Pulling Straps Color Coded 3-Strap Securing System Heavy-Duty, Flame Retardant Material Infection Control Wipe-Clean Material Learn more.
16”/76” 10”/50” 10”/6” 6.6 lbs. 330 lbs.
The EvacMAT is a compact, durable stretcher that slides along the floor for fast, simple evacuation.
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