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That's why companies are turning to quick-to-deploy, life-saving equipment like the EvacPRO+. EvacPRO+ is an ultra-strong evacuation pad, safety- tested to over 880lbs. It is ergonomically designed to help the operator slide a heavier person across the floor during an evacuation allowing both you and the patient get to safety quickly. Best for use in units that commonly treat overweight individuals, the EvacPRO+ rolls up for convenient, compact storage and comes with 6 color-coded straps to keep the patient safely in place. There are several pulling/ maneuvering straps to help the operator move effectively and is made with durable, flame-retardant, wipe-clean material for infection reduction. Built-in pockets allow easy use of body boards and support poles. Plus, the sliding plastic base is easy to replace on your own.
EvacPRO+ Specifications Length (packed/deployed) Width (packed/deployed) Depth (packed/deployed) Weight Load Capacity Bariatric, Plus Size Professional Sliding System Quick & Simple to Use High-Visibility Pulling Straps Color Coded 6-Strap Securing System Hoisting Capability with Hoisting Kit Full Length Bariatric Long Board Pocket Heavy-Duty, Flame Retardant Material Infection Control Wipe-Clean Material Compact Storage Design Learn more.
22”/82” 13”/60” 13”/2” 24.3 lbs. 880 lbs.
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