Miners First Aid Kit Complies with MSHA Standard 75.1713-7

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Miners 36

This mining firstaid kit includes the required supplies for the mining field. Also recommended is the TACPAC or TACPAC Jr. for more severe injuries

SKU: K202-620

Complies with MSHA Standard 75.1713-7

Pre drilled holes allow for fast and easy removal of wall mounted kits in an emergency

Strong latches keep the first aid kit closed and secure

Gasketed kits resist water and dust


2 R211-002 622 Certi-Gauze Bandage Compress 2" 4/unit

8 R211-008 624 Certi-Gauze Bandage Compress 4" 1/Unit

24 R211-033 Triangular Bandage w/Pins 40"x40"x56" 3/unit

1 R216-018 Wire Splint 3.5" x 30" 1 Unit

1 R215-007 F/A/Burn Cream 1g 6/unit

1 R508-006 Ammonia Inhalant Amp/Pad 12/zlb

1 R506-286 Certi-Strips Plastic 1" x 3" 12/zlb

2 R216-011 Tourniquet - Laytex Free 1" x 17" 1

1 R234-009 First Aid Facts Guide Card

1 C234-061 Safety Flag Seal

1 36M - Empty Metal

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