OVERTIME SHOTZ SINGLE SERVE 25/BOX (electrolyte replacement)

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SINGLE PACKETS OPEN EASY AND MIX WITH 16.0 OZ OF BOTTLED WATER. CALORIES 0 TOTAL FAT 0g SUGAR 0g (cont. 0g of added sugar 0%DV) PROTEIN 0g TOTAL CARB 2g (1%DV) potas 340 mg (7% DV) drinkovertime.com WHY OVERTIME™? Heat related disorders are the number one threat to safety and health of the workforce, costing the industry millions of dollars in lost time, productivity, and profits. Vital for nerve and muscle function, electrolytes are responsible for the body’s hydration and blood pH. Electrolyte balance can become unstable during hard work and sweating, leading to dehydration. OVERTIME™ helps to prevent dehydration by replenishing the body’s water and electrolyte concentrations.

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