Practi-MASK® Adult/Child CPR Training Mask and Valve Combo Pack Part # 5000TMV

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The Practi-MASK® Adult/Child CPR training mask & Practi-VALV® E combo is a cost effective tool for classroom training of CPR, and provides an alternative to the use of a traditional CPR resuscitator with human use one-way valve. The Adult/Child Practi-MASK® includes a soft, pliable bladder for conforming to manikin faces. The Practi-VALVE® ® features a cotton breathing filter. Masks do not have oxygen port and are for training only. Valves are single use and for training only. LATEX FREE

Comes with 10 masks and 10 valves.

You can also purchasse packs of 10 or 55 WNL Training valves.

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