Replacement Filters for Practi-Valve Plus

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Introducing WNL Products Replacement Filters for Practi-VALVE® PLUS!  We’re taking training costs down a notch.  And, we’re helping cut down on waste too.  Our new Replacement Filters for Practi-VALVE® PLUS are unique, replaceable filters that obstruct the flow of contaminants.  The Replacement Filters for Practi-VALVE® PLUS are designed for use in our Practi-VALVE® PLUS Reusable Training Valve.  Our replaceable filters allow you to conduct the same safe and effective training at a fraction of the cost; the more you use, the more you save!  Filters can be purchased in 50 unit or 150 unit packages.  A new filter must be placed into a new/cleaned  Practi-VALVE® PLUS Reusable Training Valveafter each use.  One filter with valve per student.   Practi-VALVE® PLUS sold separately.  LATEX FREE
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