Standard Evacuation Chair - Evacusafe

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Evacusafe Standard Evacuation Stair Chair Features:
  • 4 permanently deployed wheels with safety break on rear
  • Friction controlled track
  • A flat seat
  • Arm and foot rests
  • Padded head cushion
  • Metal buckle lap safety belt
  • Anti-slip operator handles
  • Fold flat for wall mountingBenefits:
  • 4 wheels aid stability and manoeuvrability on any landing or level ground
  • Track allows for a safe, smooth, controlled descent down stair
  • Familiar and comfortable seating position
  • Foot and arm rests help to relax the client
  • Cushion offers support of head during the descent
  • Client feels secure once fastened
  • Extra handling grip for operator during use
  • Takes up minimal wall spaceWhats Included:
  • Protective dust cover
  • Wall mounting hooks
  • Wall sign
  • Visual inspection sheet
  • Operating guide
• Instructional DVD
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