Vehicle First aid kit - Black Nylon Pouch 606-228

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This is the ideal first aid kit for the car. Comes in a black nylon bag with boxes and packaged contents. Easy to get replacements when items are used. Made by Certified Safety Manufacturing in the USA


Black Nylon Bag

Certi-Stips #607 1" x 3" 16/unit

Certi-Gauze Compress #622 2" 4/unit

Certi-Gauze Compress #624 4" 1/unit

Triangular Bandage with pins #636 3/unit

Certi Gauze Pads #637 3" x 3" 4/unit

Trauma Pad Compress 5" x 9" 1/package

Antiseptic BZK Towelettes #675 5" x 7" 10/unit

Certi-tape #652 1/2" x 2/5 yrds 2/unit

Certi-Burn Cream #659 1 g 6/unit

Gloves Nitrile #816 Large 2 pair/unit

First aid guide card

Great for all around use such as camping, vacation, travel, sports and anywhere an accident or injury can happen.

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