With summer time here are you prepared for an emergency.  Outside work and construction is on the rise with the use of chain saws, circular saws and other power equipment being used.  If some is injured and has heavy bleeding seconds count. Are you prepared?  The TACPAC will help.   Our TAC PAC kit is specifically assembled for simplicity in the event of an emergency and has everything you need to control bleeding.  The TACPAC includes – Quality weather-proof bag, Pressure and Packing Dressings, NAR Generation 7 CAT Tourniquet, Nitrile Gloves, Scissors, Emergency Blanket and CPR Barrier Mask.  Whats great about this kit is that Nothing Expires.  This is a must for areas that have a high chance of serious injury such asl offers, construction, mining, warehouses, shooting ranges etc.  Also great for security, police and other first responders.  Visit our website for additional information or to purchase. www,safetynjfirstaidkits.com